A girl has been catching social media by storm with her choice of attire in the Delhi Metro for the past several days. Pictures of an unnamed girl wearing a short dress nicknamed “Delhi Metro Girl” have gone viral, sparking a heated internet debate.

The ‘Delhi metro girl’ debate went popular on the internet, leading us to her true Instagram account and facts about her life. The girl’s Instagram handle, ‘@prettypastry11112222,’ was also uncovered by Twitter. Rhythm Chanana is her real identity.

If you’ll go through her profile of Rhythm you’ll notice a lot of similar pictures on her page. She even has a separate section for the Delhi metro in which she regularly posts pictures in her revealing outfits. According to a news portal, Rhythm is 19 years old and loves wearing her choice of clothes. As per the media reports, she belongs to the traditional family background but due to her outspoken nature, she isn’t much connected with her family.

She further added that she isn’t influenced by Uorfi Javed but likes to wear what makes her feel happy. However, Rhythm initially used to post pictures in Indian wear, her Instagram account has many such photos in which she could be seen covered from head to toe. But after October last year, she started uploading bold photos that showed her in a bikini or bra and skirts.

As per the reports, Rhtym wants to become a model and actress for which she is even taking a course in acting. she believes that she will become a successful model and an actor one day.