Nora Fatehi Revealed Dark Side Of Bollywood, Says “I’m Glad I Live On My Terms” Checkout!

In a viral video, Nora Fatehi discussed the dark side of Bollywood, revealing that she was asked to date renowned celebrities in order to be successful in the film industry. Nora Fatehi recently had an interview with Zoom Entertainment in which she discussed how she became famous despite being an outsider. The actress also disclosed the murky side of Bollywood’s PR business and disclosed that she was asked to date famous celebrities in order to get notoriety. Nora, however, disregarded their advice and forged her own path in the business. When discussing the same, she said:

“Another thing that I have been constantly told is that, you know, you should date people, date specific people and famous actors, and date for PR. I didn’t listen to any of those sh*t. I am so glad that now I make the rules, and I work on my own terms. My success is not because of another guy next to me or another actor that I’m hanging on to. It’s because of my own.”

In the video, Nora Fatehi discussed her journey from making cameo appearances in films to becoming a recognized figure in Bollywood. Nora said that she never envisioned herself to be a part of an international event like that, but she made India proud by making a big audience proud by playing at the FIFA Fan Fest. She could be heard saying:

“Whatever cameos I was doing, I was thinking this is great, they are going viral, and they are making me what I am today. But then the next thing is to be and lead, and I’m working towards that. And I want people to see that evolution in every step of the way. Also, performing at the FIFA Fan Fest in front of like 70,000 people, and that was my show. I would have never imagined someone like me would ever be on a platform like that.”

Netizens react to Nora Fatehi’s confession about not dating a Bollywood biggie to become famous

Netizens responded quickly to the video when it was posted on Reddit. Others criticized Nora Fatehi for lying, while some praised her for spitting out the truth. They noted that Prince Narula and Agad Bedi, who are both currently married, were once associated with the actress. However, a group of people also brought out the frequent rumors that Nora was dating Bhushan Kumar, who is already wed to Divya Khosla Kumar. 

Nora Fatehi talked about missing out on her twenties due to her struggles

Nora Fatehi previously talked openly about the challenges and sacrifices she had to make in order to achieve fame in an interview with BBC Asian Network. She admitted that she worked a variety of odd jobs to support herself. However, because she was too preoccupied working for her future in her twenties, Nora had to miss out on a lot to achieve the amount of fame she has today. 


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