Malayalam actress Remya Suresh has lodged an FIR with the cyber cell after a pornographic video using her morphed face went viral. The actress came to know about it after a friend informed her that the video is doing rounds on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. The actress has now expressed her anger over the viral video and stated that it’s not her but her look-alike and it has been done to malign her image.

In a Facebook video which was later deleted, she spoke about the viral video and said, “I know that the person in the video is not me. And my husband also shares my confidence, which gives me courage. And officials at the police were also very supportive towards me. And they promised to do everything they could to help me. And they even gathered the details of the person who shared the video. I was confident and felt brave when I returned home. But, I have been getting a lot of messages on my Facebook page. I am afraid of what I will tell my friends when they call me after watching that video. Because at first glance, the girl in the video looks like me.”

She further requested everybody not to send her dirty messages, “I have reached where I am today, without making any sort of compromises. So please don’t think of me like that and message me.”