Neha Dhupia Told Creators, Creator Bano Follower Nahi; In Return, Karishma Sharma Slams Neha- Check It Out

Neha Dhupia is an Indian actress and model who is also one of the leaders of the MTV Roadies reality show. She has given us some Bollywood debut such as Qayamat and Sheesha. Recently, the actress made a video, calling out content creators saying, ‘Creator Bano Follower Nahi’. She expressed her disappointment with repeated social media content going around on the internet. She questioned, “How can you do the repeat steps on the same songs. And is this what you call content? I tell you my issue with all the content on social media. If you want to do anything new then create something unique and original otherwise you are wasting the internet. Be a creator and not a follower”. She later used the hashtag of content is dead in the caption and asked creators, ‘seriously, what’s up with the content guys?’

Neha Dhupia

Reacting to Neha Dhupia’s video, Farah Khan lends her support replying, ‘Kya roast kiya tune’, creators Ko, and ended her video saying, ‘please creators kuch karo’. The filmmaker made a video appreciating and asking content creators to prove their talents by creating something new. Farah Khan said, “Yaar, Neha sahi bol rahi hai. Kuch originality rahi hi nahi hai.” She added, “Sab chep ke, copy paste ho raha hai. Talent toh tel lagane gaya hai. Main pakk chuki hun.” The director shared the video, with the caption, “@nehadhupia ne apne video se tod fod macha diya hai! Cut the crap guys, kuch naya karo! Prove it with talent, trends ke piche piche mat bhaago yaar! #SpeakUpCreators”.

Neha Dhupia

On the contrary, the actress, Karishma Sharma reacted to Neha Dhupia’s video, she said, “You know, hum creators din raat mehnat karte hai, to create something new. Aise hi koi famous nahi ho jaata. So, you see Neha, there’s a lot of effort and thought going into everything that is created. Warna, janta maaf nahi karegi. Therefore, speak up, creators.” Furthermore, the actress also made a self-made video explaining the efforts content creators take to create social media-worthy content. 

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