Munawar Faruqui’s Ex Ayesha Khan Opens Up on Bigg Boss 17: Alleges Abuse by Nazila Sitaishi

Ayesha Khan, the recent wildcard entrant in Bigg Boss 17, has created a stir by making startling allegations against fellow contestant Munawar Faruqui. The episode unfolded with Ayesha questioning Munawar about his relationship status, accusing him of potentially ‘two-timing’ her with his current girlfriend, Nazila Sitaishi. However, Munawar claimed that he was merely ‘pretending’ to be in a relationship with Nazila.

Ayesha Khan Exposes Alleged Two-Timing

During a conversation in the garden area with housemates Abhishek Kumar, Anurag Dobhal, and Mannara Chopra, Ayesha disclosed that she reached out to Nazila after seeing a picture of her with Munawar on her Instagram story. In the midst of the discussion, Ayesha dropped the bombshell that Munawar had allegedly referred to Nazila as ‘abusive.’

Abhishek Kumar was observed consoling Munawar as he emotionally broke down. Rinku Dhawan offered support, stating that acknowledging one’s mistakes is more crucial than anything else. Neil Bhatt advised Ayesha to have a conversation with Munawar to bring closure to the matter.

Munawar Faruqui’s Emotional Breakdown

In a tearful encounter, Munawar pleaded for forgiveness from Ayesha. Subsequently, Ayesha informed him that she had decided to put an end to the topic and would refrain from discussing it further.

During a separate conversation, Isha Malviya expressed her concern to Ankita about Munawar developing feelings for Ayesha in the house. Later, Ankita shared her own experience of dealing with a breakup, drawing parallels with Munawar’s situation and empathizing with him, even though she couldn’t publicly acknowledge her own separation from Sushant Singh Rajput.

As the drama unfolds in the Bigg Boss house, viewers are eagerly anticipating further revelations and the impact of these developments on the dynamics among the contestants.

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