Dibyendu Bhattacharya played the character of a doctor in Mirzapur’s second season. The actor started his career with Monsoon Wedding in 2001 and has done superhit films like Dev D, Black Friday, and many more. His last web series before Mirzapur was Criminal Justice in which he played the Layak and people hated his character so much that you a forced to dislike him and that’s his earning as an actor. Now, in an interview with IndiaTimes, Dibyendu Bhattacharya opened up about his journey and the recognition he is getting in the industry.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya

Speaking to the portal, Dibyendu Bhattacharya stated that his journey was full of ups and downs and there were times when he used to get a job and sometimes not. He was quoted saying, “I wouldn’t call it struggle, because very individual struggle for everything. My journey was full of ups and down, sometimes I used to get a job and sometimes not. Also I am not a part time actor, I am full time actor. I am graduate from NSD. My journey has been very long, I started in 1988 in theatres and then I did Monsoon Wedding and that’s how I came Bombay. I have worked very hard to get here.”

Dibyendu added, “But ever since I came Bombay I started getting one work after the other, mere kaam ko dekhne ke bahut ab directors ne muje kaam diya, from small characters to important characters, I have done such films that will be studied in Indian cinema, from Monsoon Wedding, Black Friday, Dev D Ab Tak Chappan, Mangal Pandey, BA Pass. Be it small or big role, I have never said NO to any work, my journey was very interesting and now I am enjoying the roles that I am getting especially on OTT platform.”

Speaking about the recognition, the actor said, “As an actor that’s what I want- people’s recognition. Earlier when people used to see me at the market, airport or restaurants, they used to look at me say Aap ko kahi dekha hai’. And then after 20 or 30 minutes they come back to me and say achcha you are in this film. So I really enjoy that attention. And no people know me by name, that attention is also good. This year have been very good for me, right from Gone Game, Mirzapur 2, Undekhi, all have worked so well for me.”

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