Mika Singh On Kangana Ranaut-Diljit Dosanjh Twitter War: “I Had Respect For Actress Now I Was Wrong”

Amidst the farmers’ protest in India, there’s a war happening on social media between Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh. Yesterday, Diljit took to Twitter and accused Kangana of misidentifying an old respected woman named Mahinder Kaur. To which Kangana started a war against the singer and even called him Karan Johar’s pet. Now, singer Mika Singh has made social media to comment on the entire spat between Kangana and Diljit. He stated that he used to have immense support for the actress but after today, he thinks he was wrong.

On Instagram, Mika Singh shared a picture of the old woman that Kangana Ranaut spoke against and shared her tweet along with it. Sharing the picture, the singer wrote, “I used to have immense respect for @kanganaranaut , I even tweeted in support when her office was demolished. I now think I was wrong, Kangana being a woman you should show the old lady some respect. If you have any etiquette then apologise. Shame on you.. #farmers.” Mika Singh mentioned that he used to have immense respect for the Manikarnika actress and revealed that he also tweeted in her support when her office in Mumbai was demolished by the BMC. He continued that he now thinks he was wrong. The singer said that Kangana being a woman herself, she should have shown some respect to the old lady she spoke against. He then said that Kangana should apologise if she has any etiquette. Singh concluded by saying, “Shame on You,” to Kangana.

It all started when Kangana had shared a picture of an old woman saying that she is the same woman who was also present at the protest in Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. Kangana also stated that she’s available for 100 rupees and had also been featured in Times Magazine. The actress has deleted the tweet later after she started receiving a lot of hate from netizens.

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