Manushi Chillar Gets Mercilessly Trolled On Twitter For Posting This Picture With A Beautiful Caption

Miss world 2017, Manushi Chillar is one of the prettiest ladies out there and soon she will make her Bollywood debut opposite Akshay Kumar in the upcoming film “Prithviraj”. Directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, “Prithviraj” is based on the life and heroism of the fearless king Prithviraj Chauhan. Manushi Chillar is very active on social media and she keeps on sharing her beautiful photos and videos with her fans. However, Manushi has been trolled several times for her pics but it looks like she doesn’t care so much.

Recently, Manushi Chillar took to her twitter handle and shared a beautiful picture. In the photo, She can be seen dressed in a sleeveless top and jeans while sitting on a very comfy couch and posing with a seductive look. However, it was the caption who took all the attention of her fans. She captioned her picture, “You can sit with me” with an emoji of a couch with lamp. Take a look at the picture:

Twitterati was quick to react on Manushi Chhillar’s pic; while her fans expressed their desire to join her, some netizens started trolling her as it is advisable to maintain distance due to the coronavirus scare. The Indian Twitter users have a pretty good sense of humour and they used their creativity in making memes on this photo of Manushi and some of them photoshopped it too.

Here are some of the selected tweets:

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