Famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra remembers working with Rekha on a recent cover photo and adds that he considers her voice to be completely enticing. Manish recently attracted attention when he collaborated with Rekha, a stunning diva from bygone eras, for the cover shot of esteemed Vogue magazine. Currently, he thinks fondly of those past encounters.

Manish Malhotra on working with Rekha, reveals the magic behind the glamorous pictures

Manish Malhotra spoke candidly about his once-in-a-lifetime experience working with the renowned actress Rekha in an interview with Indian Express. Manish explained how he had often asked the latter to collaborate with him on a large photoshoot and was happy that it had finally happened during the Vogue cover shoot. In addition, he gave Rekha all the credit for effortlessly carrying his designs with her grace and old-world charm. His words are: 

“I give the full credit to her. What I admire about her is she works for hours. She is into it and she keeps trying clothes. Even if I step out of the room to do other stuff, and come back into the room, the whole room becomes her. We are seeing the clothes and we are like, no, should we just do a little this or that and she listens, gets it and observes. She is like, yes, let’s do it like that.”

Manish Malhotra reveals getting totally bowled over by Rekha’s seductive voice

Manish mentioned another memorable incident with Rekha during the same conversation. Manish, who identified himself as Rekha’s avid fan, talked about how he thought Rekha’s voice was stunning and completely enticing. He even requested that she cease referring to him as beta because it is inconsistent with the tone of her speech. He stated: “I keep telling Rekha ji that your voice is so beautiful and seductive, don’t say beta and all to anyone.”

Rekha’s royal like wardrobe for the cover shoot of Vogue Arabia

When Rekha was 68 years old, she made headlines by landing the cover of Vogue Arabia. The diva became Manish Malhotra’s muse and looked stunning in her royal-inspired attire. Rekha effortlessly nailed it all with her stunning persona, including vintage angrakhas, raw silk and velvet attire, magnificent sarees, and unmissable spotless diamond jewellery.

When Rekha spoke about relationships that extend beyond forever

She was frank about her perspective on love and relationships in a Vogue interview. According to her, even if a relationship ends, a person’s strong love for that person endures. To quote her: “When you love someone or something so deeply, does the love disappear? No. Once the relationship is established it is forever. Sometimes we may want more and sometimes it’s just enough. This applies to my craft.”