Paras Chhabra has found himself in another raging controversy once again. He has slammed his ex-girlfriend Pavitra Punia and even stated that she was already married when dating him. Pavitra Punia’s husband messaged her on the day and that’s when Paras got to know the truth. However, the Nagin 3 actress is trying to play the Abla Nari card and get her image outright. But now, Paras’ close friend from Bigg Boss 13 Mahira Sharma has come forward to help him.

In an interview with ETimes, Mahira Sharma said, “I have always stood for what is right. I would have supported her as a friend still but she is taking the route of lies and deceit. I don’t understand why these girls are after Paras to get fame? During Naagin 3, I knew she was married and at that time she was dating Paras and somebody else too. She was three-timing and now she is blaming Paras for it, just because you are a woman you can’t play the victim card. Stop blaming Paras for your shortcomings. I will confront her in Bigg Boss 14 if I get a chance. I need to bring the truth out. As a woman, I understand Paras’ integrity. Women can’t keep crying always. Own up to the truth.”

Further, she slammed Pavitra for using the abla nari card.  Mahira was quoted saying, “Stop playing an abla nari, because you are not. Dating two men and being married to one, three timing and blaming Paras. Wow. Scandal is your second name, controversy is your 24/7 mood. Such is your personality. If at all I enter Bigg Boss, I will make sure the world knows the truth.”