live without “begrudging your life”

Begrudge the most common cause of unhappiness in today’s world. Begrudge means “to complain” in simple terms and becoming unhappy for everything . Begrudging leads to many things like getting upset, angry, or jealous .”Begrudging bring bad fortune”. So one should begrudge about anything. We should live our life regret free without getting angry . What is best for us will come to us no matter what. We get the best no matter what. Positive thinking attract positive things so should try to be positive no matter what .Vibes play a integral role in our life.The way we think , the things we attract.

We can eliminate the begrudging attitude by showing gratitude towards god and everyone. The more we are thankful to everything , the more our life becomes heaven. Instead on focusing more on problem we should focus more on solution because focusing more on problem leads to overthinking which ultimately attract depression, anxiety, personality disorder and other physical problems like blood pressure , diabetes etc so one should not do overthinking.Until and unless we don’t stop begrudging we will not able to see the truth . As our mind is so much busy in blaming every thing and everybody so one should see the true realm of the situation.

To live a happy and healthy life we should focus on the good things , what we have and not on what we don’t have. Try to be optimistic rather than pessimistic . Keep yourself in activities, don’t free your mind to see negative things . Focus on good , if you son’t have anything work hard to manifest it into your life . Stay away from negativity especially negative people who brings negativity in your life . Involve in recreational activities which gives you happiness . Show gratitude to god as well as people. We create our own environment so stay away from toxicity. Don’t compare yourself with anyone , your competition is you yourself only.

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