Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were a cute couple together but things didn’t work out between the two and they parted ways in 2016. After that, Ranbir was associated with many other actresses and is now in a very stable and strong relationship with Alia Bhatt. Katrina, on the other hand, is still single. However, in an interview, she has revealed some hidden secrets of Ranbir that you would definitely want to know.

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir kapoor

For many years, Katrina wasn’t on any social media and she started with Instagram in 2017. In a recent interview, she revealed that she has joined after learning every detail about the platform. On Arbaaz Khan’s chat show Pinch, Katrina revealed that it was her ex-boyfriend Ranbir who introduced her to social media. when she was asked if she had used any other profile to stalk people on Instagram, to which she replied no.

Katrina also revealed that Ranbir has a fake account on Instagram . “I know Ranbir has (a fake Instagram account). It was Ranbir who showed me in person how Instagram works,” the actress said.

As per the media reports, Katrina opened up about her breakup and said, “I had to break up before I could proceed to rebuild myself. I had to unravel and feel everything that had happened. I had to take full responsibility for my part in the equation, what I could and should have done better and accept that the parts that I was not responsible for were not my problem.”

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

Katrina was further quoted saying, “I have always been emotional. I’m a Cancerian and a sensitive soul. I’m not going to lose that or change that for anyone. But what I have learnt from parting ways with Ranbir is as a woman, you must protect and maintain your identity. Your sense of self-worth comes from within and not from within and not from another person. You come into this world alone, and you leave alone. That’s something you should not lose sight of. I’m not saying be guarded in love. No, love with all your heart Being in a relationship is beautiful. I have a lot to give to a person, but I know now that nobody else gives you your identity.”

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