Karan Johar Shares Alia Bhatt’s 1st Photoshoot After Baby, Raha’s Birth, Her Transformation Is Unreal: Deets Inside!

On June 28, 2023, Karan Johar treated his followers to a preview of Alia Bhatt’s first photoshoot after the birth of her daughter, Raha. Everyone is in awe of the new mother’s metamorphosis. Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani’s first song, Tum Kya Mile, was set for release on June 28, 2023, according to the movie’s producer, Karan Johar. He posted a photo of Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh from their session on his Instagram account along with a moving message. KJo explained the inspiration for the song and how it came to be made, saying that he wanted to honour his mentor, Yash Chopra, through the movie but was unsure if he could live up to Yash’s heritage. You can read Karan’s note as:

“In a few hours #tumkyamile will be yours…. I remember at the very onset my instinct was that I wanted to film a love song that would unabashedly pay homage to my guru Yash Chopra…. The thinking evolved mind would say “you can’t match it or even dare to emulate it “, but the fan boy and the ardent lover of snow, chiffons, the stunning locations of Kashmir and sheer romance got the better of me…”

Alia Bhatt’s first photoshoot post her daughter, Raha’s birth

Karan Johar also stated in his statement that this was Alia Bhatt’s first photoshoot after the birth of her daughter, Raha, and apologised to the actress for chilling her in the cold. Alia looked lovely in the picture as she was dressed in a blue-hued chiffon saree by designer Manish Malhotra and accessorised with a strappy top. After giving birth, the new mother’s physique underwent an unbelievable transformation, radiating an unmistakable glow. Added KJo:

“This is also the first shoot Alia did after the birth of her angel and I remain in apology for freezing her in Manish Malhotra chiffons … in sympathy I fell drastically ill through the shoot ( a karmic punishment perhaps) Ranveer was nervous as this was his first lip sync mountain love song but he was a real trooper…. So we are back to the valleys for a ishq wala lip sync chiffon saree song… I hope you feel the love as much as we felt the cold…”

When Alia Bhatt revealed about her skin insecurities and how her skin changes during pregnancy

Alia Bhatt is equally self-conscious about her skin. The actress admitted as much in one of her YouTube videos and disclosed that her biggest insecurity is pimples. Even though she doesn’t experience frequent breakouts, she noted that she picks up any pimples she notices on her face right away. The new mother also revealed that her other insecurity, which scares her a lot, is dry patches on her skin. The actress explained how pregnancy made her skin more sensitive, saying:

“Especially during my pregnancy, my skin had become extremely sensitive, that’s a separate video altogether. I had to really cut down on my skincare routine. I tried so many products which were for sensitive skin, but still, they irritated my skin.”

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