Kapil Sharma On His Life’s Darkest Phase, Recalls Apologising To Amitabh Bachchan For Being Drunk: Read On!

In a recent interview with India TV, Kapil Sharma talked openly about the most difficult time of his life and remembered how alcohol came to play a role in it. The legendary comedian admitted that while fear prevented him from meeting people and even made him unsure of his ability to handle a microphone and perform on stage, he never had a drinking problem.

During his description of the most tragic and depressing time in his life, Kapil shared how he was meant to greet Amitabh Bachchan when the actor arrived at the studio one day to record a voice-over for his movie. He was unable to meet Big B on time due to his nervousness, though. Kapil went on to say that because he couldn’t leave his residence, he chose to have two drinks in order to manage his nervousness. Kapil recalled his stupid choice and said:

“Mujhe drinking problem kabhi nahi rahi, anxiety ka problem raha jis wajha se mujhe aisa lagta tha ki main kisi ke saamne nahi jaa paunga, baat nahi kar paunga, stage pe mic nahi pakad paunga. Bachchan sahab ne bola ki main subah aaraha hoon. Kyunki meri film ke voiceover ke liye aarahe the toh mera farz banta hai ki main jaake unke welcome ke liye khada rahun. Main bahar nahi nikal pata tha ghar se, awastha waise thi toh mujhe laga 2 (drinks) le lete hai pahuch jaate hai.”

Furthermore, Amitabh Bachchan visited the recording studio at 8 in the morning, according to Kapil Sharma in the same interview. Big B had already finished filming his film when the comedian arrived at the studio after two beers, according to the comedian. When they first met inside the studio, Kapil said that it was an awkward circumstance for him and he instantly touched his feet to ask for blessings. As he recalled it, Kapil said: “Subhe ki baat hai, woh 8 baje pohch gaye aur andar dubbing kar chuke the. Jab main pohcha toh unhone bola ho gayi hai ab woh apni film ki karrahe hai. Maine kaha mujhe Bachchan sahab se milke ‘Thank you’ bolna hai. Maine jaake unke pair chuee aur bola ‘Thank you’.”

Kapil Sharma admitted at the end of the conversation that he chose to personally apologise to Amitabh Bachchan since he felt so guilty about seeing the actor while inebriated. The comedian acknowledged that he expressed his regrets to Big B and for having approached him while intoxicated. Yet Kapil acknowledged that the way Big B reacted to his apology only served to increase his admiration for the legendary actor. Kapil revealed what Big B had said to him, saying that it had inspired him much.

Big B had written him a message in Hindi in which he informed him that life is full of challenges. He stated the message from Amitabh Bachchan: “Sir, sorry mujhe aise aapke samne nahi aana chhaiye tha. Fir unhone Hindi mein bada aacha message likha ki jeevan chunotiyon ka hi doohra naam hai. Toh aap uthke dobara khade hoiye.”

On the work front, Kapil Sharma will be next seen in the film, Zwigato

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