Kangana Ranaut Demands An Apology From Deepika Padukone After Her ‘Chhapaak Look Challenge’ On Tik Tok, Calls It Insensitive And Hurtful

How many times when Bollywood has given a chance to actors to bring forth their talent through means of true portrayal of people and situations. Be it historic events, introducing a new ideology or playing the rolee of strong individuals who have initiated a change. But once you decide to enter the world where you want to make a voice heard, you need to be thorough with your speech and analytical of your actions.

 There have been times when actors and stars have received backlash from the media and the entire public, for succumbing to unthought-of ways to make profits. One such incident took place only recently, when actress Deepika Padukone received heavy criticism for her promotional stunt after the release of her film, ‘chhapaak’. Where Deepika was appreciated for her realistic acting on one hand, and for bringing a story of an acid attack survivor on the big screen, she was openly criticised for calling her role “A look” on the other.

It all begun with a Tik Tok video where the user asked Deepika about 3 difficult looks that the she could recreate. The actress revealed her looks starting with Om Shanti Om, then Piku and finally Malti in Chhapaak. Though it was the user who recreated these looks using makeup, entire public was upset with the actress for calling her acid attack victim ‘A look’.

It was in an interview with India Today, when actress kangana Ranaut, who is known for openly speaking her mind without mincing her words, also took her stand on the issue. Being a sister of an acid attack survivor, Rangoli Chandel, she said, “Rangoli is an acid attack survivor and she was very hurt seeing the video. Sometimes, marketing teams tend to go overboard with their promotions, and I am sure Deepika must be having some explanation for this”. Further adding, “The people who are hurt like my sister should be apologised to. This is not a make-up look and nobody should try and achieve it. That kind of insensitivity should be apologised for and there is no harm in doing that because we all make mistakes.”

She also openly stated that it was an insensitive and hurtful challenge, and requested people to not try it with makeup.

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