Jay Bhanushali-Mahhi Vij Accused Of Not Taking Care Of Their Adopted Kids, Actor Shuts Troll, “You Have No Clue”

It was in the month of August last year telly couple Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij were blessed with a baby girl whom they lovingly named Tara Jay Bhanushali. Besides taking care of their biological child Tara, who is now seven months old now, the celebrity couple had also adopted their househelp’s kids a few years ago.

On a picture of Jay, Mahhi and Tara, one user commented “Sometimes I feel they don’t take care of their other babies.” The actor who has been fostering their caretaker’s kids Khushi and Rajveer and sponsoring their education since the year 2017 and it for obvious reasons left the actor highly miffed. The actor gave a befitting reply to the troll saying that they have no rights of judging them because the two kids along with their father and mother are staying with the couple amid the coronavirus outbreak.

His comment read,“@karra_sanjana and @nagar1664 have you even attempted helping or taking responsibility of any child or helping a family…you guys have no clue and you are judging us..in this epidemic the 2 kids and there father mother are staying with us so that we all can be protected.”

He added,“I am a foster father to the kids and not here to be judged 24/7 by you or anyone so pls be careful before giving any kind of statement.” Take a look at Jay’s comment here:

Earlier in an interview with IANS, Jay had shared how he spends time with his three kids. He was quoted as saying,“First thing is I get up, see my daughter’s face, be with her for some time, then I go and work out and I make my other two kids study with me. I teach them and help them complete their homework, then we watch a couple of cartoons where they learn phonics. I am getting trained to be a pro father.”

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