Here Is Nehha Pendse’s Hatke Love Story With Her Hubby, Shardul Singh Bayas; Unseen Pictures Inside

Once again we are in the part of the year when the wedding bells are all we can hear. There is good news surfacing the internet and we can see people tying the knot to their loved ones. One good news that you all would love to hear is the wedding news of the Bigg Boss 12 Contestant Neha Pendse. The actress tied the knot with her boyfriend Shradul in Maharashtrian style wedding on January 5, 2020.

And now, Nehha finally shared her untold love story in an interview with SpotboyE. Nehha revealed, “I met him at a party and we had a common friend out there. Later on, he got in touch with me saying that he has something in his mind and wants to discuss. So, we met, and he discussed this concept called Primus. It’s a co-working concept and it was in a semi-developing stage at that time. I thought probably he’s interested. I will not deny that this thought definitely came to my mind. But I didn’t know it was heading in what direction. It was only when we started dating did I realise that he met me genuinely for the cause and the fact that he actually took me as the brand ambassador.” Nehha also revealed that it was love at first sight for Shardul.

Nehha stated, “He was very serious. But the thing is I was not in that frame of mind. I had experienced very bad breakups in the past. So, I was like kaam se kaam rakhte hai. But what I really liked about him was in the second or third meeting itself, he said it bang on that ‘I want to date you and know you better’. I said, ‘Listen, we don’t know each other, and I don’t believe in dating. I’m 35. I’m not a 20- something who’ll be like ‘Dekhte hai, let’s see how it goes.’”

Talking about whether Shardul has been a bit wary in the beginning and said, “Hmm… Not really. Shardul hit it off from the first go. The fact that he’s an extremely strong man in himself and he knows he need not be insecure about me, because he is sure of his love for me. Now from a man’s point of view, he knows that he keeps me happy. I would be foolish to do anything stupid to lose him. When a man knows what he is doing, that insecurity will never come into play.”

Speaking about whether they were on the same wavelength, Nehha replied, “Absolutely! It’s just that he did it more out of love. I did it more out of the need to understand him. Yes. So, we got to know each other and I think the first 2-3 months that we were talking, I loved the fact that he was extremely caring and sensitive. At the same time, he went out of his way, left, right and centre to make sure that all my insecurities were taken care of.”

Talking about whether Shardul got impatient with all the waiting, Nehha said, “Nope. But that’s the whole thing. In that process, he did everything without saying it. Now, for instance, he stays at Marine Drive, I stay in Andheri. He used to come all the way from there daily to meet me. And I understand that it takes 2 hours to just travel from that end to this end. So the guy who takes out time from his busy schedule and comes to see me daily, just says a lot because nowadays, people don’t have the time for this. The first 2 months all we did was talking and talking- about our past, about what has hurt us, what we see in the future and so on. Everything was on a non-romantic line.”

Nehha added further, “We were trying to understand where we fit in together. He told me that he’s ready to marry me at any moment, whenever I would be ready. Then I realised that in those 2-3months, he made me so secure. Because in the past, men promised me love, promised me commitment- but when the time came, they just ran away. And here was a man who was first giving me a commitment and then talking about love. So I guess that’s what caught me and I was looking to settle down. I’m a strong individual but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a man. I was just waiting for the right kind of man.”

We wish Nehha and her husband a very happy married life.

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