In the golden era of 2005, Himesh Reshammiya ascended to heartthrob status with the sensational success of “Aashiq Banaya Aapne.” Amidst the fervour, he crossed paths with a budding Deepika Padukone, setting the stage for an unexpected collaboration.

Aap Kaa Surroor – Deepika Padukone’s launch

Capitalizing on his newfound popularity, Himesh Reshammiya ventured into the realm of music video albums with “Aap Kaa Surroor – The Album.” Among the 11 tracks, one featured a pre-Om Shanti Om Deepika Padukone, capturing a moment when she was yet to become Bollywood’s dream girl.

In the music video for the song “Naam Hai Tera,” Deepika danced gracefully in a white dress against a heavily stylized backdrop, sharing the screen with Himesh Reshammiya. Despite her presence, the overwhelming stardom of the song and Himesh himself overshadowed the future queen of Indian Cinema.

Deepika’s Gratitude and Unexpected Rule Break for Himesh’s Rage


Expressing her gratitude, Deepika Padukone acknowledged Himesh Reshammiya’s pivotal role in launching her career during her appearance on Indian Idol. She confessed, “I knew nothing about shooting when I was shortlisted for the music video. I never went to a film set or knew how music videos are shot. Whatever I am doing today, I have learned it while filming the music video. Thank You, Sir, for giving me this opportunity. You had faith in me when no one else had.”

However, participating in a music video was initially against Deepika’s principles. The allure of Himesh’s rage changed her stance. In 2010, she revealed, “I had decided I would never do two things: work in a music video and participate in Miss India. However, I accepted Himesh’s ‘Naam Hai Tera’ album as Himesh’s songs were a rage at the time.”

Despite her reservations, Deepika not only enjoyed the music video experience but also cherished her collaboration with Himesh Reshammiya. Even as she skyrocketed to stardom, she expressed openness to the idea of starring in a film opposite him.

In a 2010 interview, Deepika stated, “If I get an offer to do a film opposite Himesh Reshamiya, I will accept it.”

Reflecting on what could have been, Himesh Reshammiya made his film debut with “Aap Kaa Surroor” in 2007, the same year Deepika Padukone marked her entry into Bollywood with “Om Shanti Om.” The hypothetical pairing of HR and DP, not Hrithik Roshan, would indeed have added an intriguing chapter to Bollywood’s narrative.