Chitrangada Singh Opens Up On Facing Racial Discrimination For Being Dusky, “I Lost Modelling Assignments”

Chitrangada Singh is a talented actress who has been able to make her mark in the glamour world. She is one of the few actresses who entered the industry after their marriage and made it big. However, her journey to success wasn’t that easy. She had to go through several issues owing to her marital status and even faced racial discrimination in the industry that glorifies fair skin complexion and degrades dusky or darker complexion.

In a recent interview with Bombay Times, Chitrangada Singh shared that she lost many projects due to her dusky complexion. The leading daily quoted the actress saying, “I did lose out on modeling assignments. In fact, when I lost out on one ad in the initial days of my career, I was specifically told the reason as it had come down to selecting between two people for the part.” “Luckily, the audition that I did for a product was seen by Gulzar saab, who got me on board for his music video. I realised that not everybody goes out looking for white-skinned people here,” she added.

Earlier, Nawazuddin Siddiqui had opened up on facing racism in the industry. Speaking to Hindustan Times he said, “Not just the film industry, such taboos exist everywhere. Things won’t change anytime soon. And in Bollywood, it’s rampant, it has always been there. Waise aam janta bhi apni heroine ko gori, aur hero ko gora dekhna chahti hai… Maa bhi chahti hai ki beta gori bahu le kar aaye. So, it’s all a part of society. This mentality reflects in Bollywood… A total change is required.”

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