Bigg Boss OTT is getting interesting day by day as the contestants are putting their best foot forward to survive in the game. The Weekend Ka Vaar episode saw Divya Aggarwal losing support in the house, as all the housemates have cornered her. Divya got into a huge fight with Neha Bhasin which has kept the audience glued to the television screen for the longest time. Neha in a sly manner took a dig at Divya when she revealed being in her menstrual cycle.

And this didn’t go down well with Divya’s boyfriend’s sisters Vedika Sood and Akshita Sood. The Sood sisters want the host Karan Johar to take an action against the same and pull up the singer for the same. Vedika took to Twitter and wrote, “Can’t believe #NehaBhasin actually bodyshamed @Divyakitweet because of her periods. Why can’t the houseguests see this & why do they have to gang up on #DivyaAgarwal ? #BiggBossOTT @VootSelect Bitch of the highest order this Neha is”

Many netizens have extended their support by responding to Vedika’s tweet. One commented, “Neha is a cunning women .. and body shaming is not that simple.. noone would actually talk about it right?? Because it’s Divya who cares like mentality people have… it’s all because of @karanjohar nepotism…  I really hope Divya stays strong …#DivyaAgarwal”

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