Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain And Aishwarya Gets Into Ugly Fight, Latter Says “I Hate Such Men”

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, viewers witnessed a fiery exchange inside the BB house, as Neil Bhatt, the popular TV actor, took a firm stand in defence of his wife, Aishwarya Sharma.

The ‘Peedit Pati’ Comment Controversy

The disagreement originated from a seemingly playful comment by Vicky Jain, who used the term “Peedit pati” while teasing Neil Bhatt. Although Vicky didn’t explicitly mention Neil’s name, Aishwarya Sharma was quick to take offence at his choice of words.

The situation escalated rapidly, leading to a heated argument between Aishwarya and Vicky. Other housemates, including Munawar Faruqui, Isha Malviya, and Abhishek Kumar, had to intervene to restore calm within the house.

Intense Argument and Housemates’ Reactions

While Aishwarya stood her ground, Neil Bhatt was unhesitant in supporting his wife’s position. In contrast, Ankita Lokhande, another contestant in the house, played the role of a peacemaker and advised Vicky not to make such jokes if it made someone uncomfortable.

Fans of the show have voiced their disapproval of Vicky Jain’s behavior, especially his use of the “Peedit pati” comment. Many believe that Aishwarya Sharma’s reaction was justified, as they perceived Vicky’s comments as inappropriate. They argued that it was not his place to comment on Neil and Aishwarya’s relationship, and Aishwarya had every right to defend herself in such a situation.


Bigg Boss 17 has been rife with drama and unexpected twists, as wildcard contestants Manasvi Mamgai and Samarth Jurel made a surprise entry into the house during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. The presence of Samarth, who is in a relationship with Isha Malviya, is causing quite a stir, leaving the housemates and viewers curious about Abhishek Kumar’s reaction.

As tensions rise in the Bigg Boss 17 house, the show’s fans eagerly await the announcement of this week’s eviction nominations to see which contestants will be up for elimination. Last week, Soniya Bansal became the first contestant to be eliminated from this season of Bigg Boss. The drama, conflicts, and unexpected twists continue to make Bigg Boss 17 a must-watch show, and Neil Bhatt’s unwavering support for his wife has garnered him additional admiration from fans.

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