Krushna Abhishek in Kapil Sharma’s merry exploits in the controversy of Kangana Ranaut asks him about his destroyed office.

It is believed that Kapil Sharma will pull Kangana Ranaut by the legs and leave her with her tongue cut off. Actor Tailawi will be featured as a guest on the Kapila Sharma show this weekend. And while participating in a comedy show, the actor ran into comics from Kapil and his teammates a comment.

On Thursday, Sony TV released a hilarious video clip featuring the actor. When Kapil greeted Kangana on stage, he asked her how she was so safe. The actor responds, “Sach bolna padhta hai (One needs to say the truth)”. Seeing the comedy star carrying a fire extinguisher, Kangana asks him about the same. In his defense, Kapil says that the channel told him that the actor sets everything on fire wherever she goes, so he has to take precautions.

Kangana is seen laughing wholeheartedly as Kapil retorts, “Kaisa lag raha hai itne din hogaye hai, koi controversy nahi huyi (How does it feel you haven’t been part of any controversy in many days)?” The rest of his team also joins him.

Enacting the role of Sapna, he tells Kangana that Kapil Sharma has pulled down her beauty parlour from the set. Referring to the actor’s office being demolished by the BMC, Krushna says, “Apni cheez jab toot ti hai to andar se kaisi feeling hoti hai aapko acche se pata hai (You know the pain when you see something you own being demolished).”

Kangana Ranaut will be accompanied by Director Thailavii A.L.Vijay and producers Vishnu Vardhan Induri and Shailesh R Singh. The episode will also see Kapil Sharma and his teammates celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi by welcoming and worshiping the idol Ganesha on set. In addition to Team Thailavii, longtime superstar Govinda and her family will also be celebrating a show this weekend.

The Kapil Sharma show is broadcast on Sony TV.

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