Bigg Boss 14: Sargun Mehta Calls Shehzad Deol’s Elimination Totally Unfair And Biased

Bigg Boss 14 saw its second eviction a few days back. It was none other than the handsome Punjabi hunk Shehzad Deol. He was a pretty popular contestant and he was seen doing all tasks with full force. Many people came forward to talk about the unfair eviction in this case and now it is Sargun Mehta who has talked about the same.

Sargun Mehta took to her Insta stories and wrote that Shehzad’s elimination was unfair and biased as the audiences’ votes were not counted. She stated that his journey in Bigg Boss 14 started with a bang, but it came to an unfair end. She wrote, “Shehzad your Bigg Boss journey started off with quite a bang as you were seen to be one of the strong contenders, but has unfortunately ended on a very biased and unfair note which is upsetting for us all, including your fans who have voted to no end! Though you have been a good sport and very strong through it all, and with the way you have taken things well in your stride, it’s going to take you places in life.”

After getting out of the house, Shehzad Deol has written a long post on Instagram stating how he didn’t think his journey would end so soon. He wanted it to last longer and if it were up to the viewers, he would’ve still been inside. His post could be read as “I thought it would be a fair game. I thought I was on a two way road. But the journey has ended too soon. One which though has given me the love and support from all of you!!! I know If it was upto you guys, I would have been inside. But it is what is, toh koi gaal nahi Zindagi kabhi fair nahi hondi . Yeh Bhi shayad hona tha. But I’m here with a promise to continue entertaining you. Aapka Punjab Da Munda, Shehzad Deol”.

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