Bigg Boss house is known for offering interesting gossips about the contestants. Every season gives some really entertaining things about the inmates that we love to hear among those sharing good bond inside. One such bond that we see is between Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia. However, a few days ago, the two got into a fight and turned up against each other. In the previous episode of Bigg Boss, Pavitra Punia was seen talking to Kavita Kaushik about her broken engagement. Kavita then told her not to get distracted inside the house, reffering to Eijaz Khan.

While talking about her broken engagement, Pavita Punia stated that she got engaged in 2015 and their relationship lasted for 3 years. She further shared that thay broke up in 2018. Pavitra also mentioned that, the guy had told her that he won’t marry anyone else, and that Pavitra is the only girl who can enter his life. “At that time only he said, main kisi se shaadi nahi karunga. Agar koi life me aa sakta hai, that’s only you. Even before,” said Pavitra. She then said that she misses him every day.

Kavita Kaushik then told her, “Toh phir kya ye sab distraction, jab asli cheez bahar hai toh uspe focus karo na.” Kavita was referring to Eijaz being the distraction and said that it is wrong, “Socho uske dil pe kya beet rahi hogi. Galat hai ye,” said Kavita.

Pavitra, however, said that they aren’t together, and she has kept things very clear with him from the beginning. “But we’re not together na, mujhe sagaai shaadi nahi karni hai, I’ve been very clear with him from day 1,” she said.

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