Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni Says He Will Leave Jasmin Bhasin If Her Parents Don’t Agree For Their Marriage

Bigg Boss 14 has once again gained some traction over the past few days because of the new contestants that have entered in the house. One of the couple that has made sure to get the fans talking is Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni. The two were really close inside the house and have been making headlines for being to close. Every single one of their fans has been eyeing  the two and expecting them to talk about their future plans. And it feels the two heard it and were seen discussing their wedding plans inside the house.

“Ab main bahar jaaunga ladki dhoondunga, girlfriend banaunga ya pehle time spent karunga phir pata chale won acchi nikle na… phir itna time dene ke baad nahi laga mera mann… toh uska aur mera hum dono ka time barbaad, so main sochta hoon hoon ki tere saath theek hai apni setting…(I feel if I go out and try to find a girlfriend and what if they don’t get along, I both waste her and my time so it’s better I understand you so I should settle down with you),” Aly was heard saying.

Later in the kitchen area, Rakhi Sawant asked a very interesting question to Aly Goni. She asked what if Jasmin’s parents say no and refuse to get their daughter married to him. Aly gave a quick answer and shared that he’ll stop talking to Jasmin if her parents refuse. He stated that he’ll not go against her parents and rather marry someone else so Jasmin starts to hate him. This brings tears to Jasmin’s eyes.

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