Bigg Boss 13’s Rashmi Desai Opens Upon Her Difficult Relationship With Mother, “We Had A Lot Of Misunderstandings”

It was during the finale episode of Bigg Boss 13, Rashmi met her mother after almost a year. For the unversed, Rashmi Desai was not on talking terms with her family and it was only because of Bigg Boss that she could reunite with her family. Rashmi has seen many ups and downs in life and her journey in the Bigg Boss house has entirely changed her perspective towards life. In a recent interview with TOI, Rashmi opened upon how things were difficult between her mom Rasila and her and how things have changed after Bigg Boss.

She had shared, “I had a lot of differences with my mother and there was also a communication and generation gap between us. My life has been like a roller-coaster so I always wanted someone to take care of me like a child and pamper me. But I was the responsible daughter of the house and an actress, I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulder. I had to fulfill them. All in all this show got me everything that I didn’t have. I also thank my family that they understood when I needed them the most. We all apologized to each other and the communication is better now.”

Further talking about how things have changed post-Bigg Boss she had stated, “Everything is fine with my family now. I did not know how and what my mom was doing for me when I was inside the Bigg Boss house. When during the family week when my brother’s kids arrived that’s when I learned about it. I realized my family is there and I have their support. I became fearless and that’s when I told myself that I am done with the relationship. I needed mental support in the house and I was not getting it. I had even cried a lot on the same morning when my niece and nephew came during the family round. They told me things have changed a lot and I was relieved.”

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