The thirteenth season of one of the most controversial shows “Bigg Boss” is living up to the expectations of its audiences. Ever since the show has started it has continued to entertain the audience and had maintained shows TRP. With every new episode, the show gives the daily dose of gossips and Tadka to its audience. Bigg Boss makers, on the other hand, are also not leaving any stone unturned. To gain more fanbase, the makers have decided to send on Arhaan Khan, Madhurima Tuli, and Shefali Bagga inside the house.

In the previous episode, Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla’s friendship seems to be only going downhill ever since the two got into a spat in yesterday’s episode leaving the viewers clueless as to what’s cooking between the two!? It all started after Sidharth Shukla poked fun at Shehnaaz, saying that she is jealous of Mahira Sharma, leaving Shehnaaz to inflame. She broke down, and not only slapped Sid, but also burst into anger by yelling and slapping herself as well.

In previous episodes, the fights between Sidharth and Sana were making quite headlines in the news but now things are quite normal now. Over the Weekend Shehnaaz Gill’s OTT reaction became the talk of the town. Bigg Boss host Salman Khan, who was seen scolding Punjab Ki Katrina for her childlike behavior inside the house and warned Sidharth Shukla to maintain a distance from her as she is madly in love with him and seems like Sid had already aware of the same but being a friend he is doing his best to maintain a bond.

 Just the next day of the Weekend Ka Vaar, Sana was seen confessing her love for Shukla and seen getting intimate as she pulls Shukla closer and whispered in his ear that she loves him. Later she had even asked him to say Love you too. However, the actor has maintained silence and had just ‘Okayed’. Shehnaaz even expressed her desire to live-in with Shukla after the show gets over. She had also expressed her desire that she doesn’t want to win the show she wants to win him.

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