There’s a lot of entertainment offered by the Contestants of Bigg Boss house even until the last week. And it’s not just the contestants but their connections and family members are also making sure that they keep tweeting or sharing stuff to make headlines. Mahira Sharma’s mom Saniya Sharma has made some comments on Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla and that too their bedroom scene.

“Sorry aunty but I was very upset about the comment. Being a mother and you coming out and talking something like this in an interview is bad,” said Gaurav, to which, Saniya defended herself by replying, “I never meant bedroom in a vulgar way. I meant andar ki baatein and I had given an interview and cleared it too. If that’s the problem, then there were several things said to my daughter as well. Mahira kachre se uthai gayi hai, Mahira marr gayi, she has been bodyshamed too.”

Gaurav responded saying, “That happened when both of them were fighting. But usse pehle, Rashami always used to ask others not to tease Mahira about her lips.” Asim Riaz’s brother Umar jumped in the conversation and blamed Paras of starting the discussion on Mahira’s lips. Gaurav continued, “You are commenting about Rashami and Siddharth’s fight. If you had commented about Mahira’s fight with Rashami, I would have never said anything. I felt you would come out in support of Rashami at that point, being a mother and a woman.”

Soon after, the situation seemed to have gone out of hands as Saniya Sharma threatened to leave the interview midway. However, she was soon calmed down.