The most TRP gained show Bigg Boss 13 has finally ended on February 15, 2020, and with that Sidharth Shukla owns the winner’s trophy and after a lot of planning and plotting and playing smart in the Bigg Boss 13 house, the former Contestant Paras Chhabra managed to reach the grand finale and opts the money bag and left the show midst finale. However, he has gained huge fan following during the show and has got his very own show, titled, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge which is based on matrimony.

Now, coming to his personal life, it is not a secret that the hunk was in a relationship with actress Akanksha Puri before he entered the house. However, his closeness to Mahira and bad-mouthing for Akanksha, has not set the right image for him. He broke up with her and also said some personal things that were not required. Also, Akanksha claimed that he lied about things and this led to the end of their three-year-long relationship.

After coming back from the Big Boss house, Paras gave his words on ending things with Akanksha. Speaking of the breakup, he mentioned that he has understood that if during his absence she can spill out personal details to the media, then he cannot have a future with her together. He said “I’ve cleared it out ample of times in front of the cameras about my breakup with her. It now makes no sense to add fuel to the fire. However, I have understood one thing that if during my absence, she can spill out personal details in the media, then it is crystal clear that we cannot have a future together.”

The former Big Boss contestant further stated, “So, it is better to move on in life, and embrace positivity. All negative things have been said and done, it’s time now to move towards an optimistic environment.”