The year’s Bigg Boss has become one of the most controversial seasons in the entire show’s history. There have been fights and name-callings that have never been seen in the history of the show. One of the contestants who is leading to many controversies is Madhurima Tuli. Vishal Aditya and Madhurima were ex-lovers and their relationship now is strange. Sometimes they are madly in love while sometimes, they can’t even stand each other.

While this time, Madhurima has been all over the news because of her attitude towards household work. She is been labelled as kamchor, lazy and lethargic by the other members of the Big Boss 13. Speaking about the same, her mother finally gave a word in an interview with a media portal. She said, “Mahira ne khud kam se kam 10 baar kaha hoga show mein main ye kaam nahi karungi. Aur aakar meri beti ko sikha rahi hai. I really don’t understand that why people inside keep targeting her by saying she doesn’t work. Probably because they don’t have any other way to bring her down. So, whenever she says no to work they make a big issue out of it.”

She further added, “Madhurima is not kaamchor at all. She very much works at home and she is a hardworking girl. But the way Shefali and Mahira command her to work might be irking her and probably that’s why she at times refuses to work. If they will tell her to do it pyaar se, I am sure Madhurima will never say a no. Although it’s not like she isn’t doing any work. In almost all the episodes. I see her washing dishes.”

For all those who don’t know, in yesterday’s episode, Shefali Jariwala had asked Madhurima to wash Tawa and gave her it to her after making rotis to which she had replied, ‘Vo ek to aap bhi dho sakte ho’. Meanwhile, Shefali had also burnt Madhurima Tuli’s photo during captaincy task reasoning her attitude towards household work.