Big Boss 13: “It Was Akanksha Puri Who Tried Breaking Up And Not Paras” Revealed Paras’s Friend; Deets Inside

The controversies around Paras Chhabra and his relationship with girlfriend Akanksha Puri have been abuzz recently. After the family round, Paras has been questioned by many about his relationship with Akanksha Puri and he has confirmed that he wants to end his relationship with her after coming out. Now, it seems that he has come out in open to give closure while talking to his lady love inside the house Mahira Sharma.

However, we got our hands on a report shared by SpotboyE wherein a common friend of Paras and Akanksha revealed the truth of their relationship. According to the report, “the mother in the picture, in turn, told Akanksha that there’s little she can do about their discord and it would be great if the two could sort out their problems. Akanksha had been terribly pissed with Paras’ over his snide remarks against her, his proximity with Mahira has only precipitated recently. There came a point when Akanksha sat down and analysed that she’d initially thought it was a game but Paras has crossed limits even if he’s playing according to a certain script.”

The friend stated “Akanksha can’t be with such a man anymore. Enough is enough. Who would want to be with someone who’s a white liar? He is repeatedly lying. Usko khatam karna hai to mooh pe bol deta Akanksha ko before entering BB 13. They never had any fights. He is lying that he tried breaking up with her but could not succeed. It is only inside that he’s changed so drastically. Akanksha is thanking God that Bigg Boss happened because it showed her Paras’ true colours.”

He further added “Akanksha is not going to welcome him back. She has even told his mom, maybe in not these exact words. She now cares a f**k what lies in store, right now she just wants to relax and pick up herself to surge ahead in her career. Of course, Paras and Mahira’s affair has added to her wounds, to be honest, Akanksha is a very sensible girl; she wouldn’t hold him by force. But look at the way, he has almost disowned her! What does it speak about him?
She has done so much for him. Despite her hectic schedules, she has co-ordinated on almost every small requirement of his inside the house. And this is how he pays her back!”

He also said that Akanksha will not forgive him if he apologises. “Paras dated Sara Khan (they lived together for nearly 3 years) before getting attracted to Akanksha; that love story too had ended on a very sour note. However, he had later left Akanksha and entered into a relationship with Pavitra Punia who was hurt no end after she realised that Paras was making plans to go back to Akanksha. Despite repeated attempts, Akanksha remained unavailable comment.”

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