Trolls targeted Anil Kapoor after he made a disturbing remark on Bhumi Pednekar’s seductive photo. Here’s what the internet had to say about it! There’s no disputing that Anil Kapoor has aged like good wine. Even in his 60s, the actor can outdo any attractive hottie. Anil Kapoor is well-known for his devotion to his family in addition to his professional achievements. However, he recently made news for all the wrong reasons, which displeased his followers.

Anil Kapoor reacts to Bhumi Pednekar’s sultry picture

Bhumi Pednekar recently took to Instagram and shared a sensuous photo of herself dressed casually. The actress helped her fans fall back in love with her, and they flooded her with adulation. Anil Kapoor’s comment on the post, however, drew everyone’s attention. In response to the post, he wrote: “Who’s taken these pics? Looking really cool, relaxed and beautiful.” To which, Bhumi responded: “@anilskapoor sir it’s this atmosphere that I’m in that’s made me look all of the above:)))))”

Netizens call out Anil Kapoor for his creepy behaviour towards Bhumi Pednekar

Social media users are surprised to see Anil Kapoor slipping into the IG posts of young ladies and leaving sleazy remarks now that the post has gone viral. They took to the post’s comment section to call Anil out on his behavior. As one user put it,  “He is basically playing his own Reel character ‘Kishan from No Entry ‘ in his Real Life!”, another one commented, “Oh no. What if Anil Kapoor himself took the pic?” Check out the comments below:

Previously, Anil Kapoor and Sobhita Dhulipala were sighted together for the promotion of their show, The Night Manager: Part 2, and posed for several photos together. A video from the occasion was published on Reddit, which raised quite a few eyebrows. Anil Kapoor can be seen in the video clutching Sobhita Dhulipala securely around her waist while posing for the paparazzi. The 66-year-old actor couldn’t take his gaze away from his co-star, who looked stunning in her seductive costume. However, Sobhita appeared to be noticeably unsettled by the senior actor’s move towards her, as evidenced by her awkward actions.

The video quickly went viral after being posted on social media. Netizens were taken aback by Anil Kapoor’s strange smile and hand movements in front of the paparazzi, and they chastised him for it. “She is awkwardly laughing & if you look her hands are to herself / bw them for long,” one user said. “She only wraps it around his back at the end because she was in an awkward pose and he clearly wasn’t going to let go,” wrote another. Take a look at the comments below. To watch the video, click here.