Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan gave an angry reaction to a hair stylist who used too much black powder on his grey hair in a video that went viral. Amitabh bachchan is one of the best actors in the world. He has a baritone voice, a charismatic personality and a humble personality. He has a place in the hearts of millions of people all over the world. However, the ‘Big B’ of Bollywood is still facing a lot of trolling online because of his public life. Once again, a similar incident took place when he was caught on camera yelling at a hairstylist.

Amitabh Bachchan angrily reacts to a hairstylist who puts excessive colouring agent on his grey hair

Amitabh bachchan in a video uploaded on Reddit. In the video, the actor was seen for a photoshoot. He was wearing a kurta and a black coat. However, in the video, his hairdresser was seen spraying black powder on the actor’s head with a spray bottle. As the hairdresser tried to do this, even after shielding the actor’s face with his hand, the actor got angry.

After that, we saw Amitabh dust his head really hard. He was also pretty mad at the hairdresser. So, people didn’t just sit back and take it easy on him. A Reddit user shared the video and wrote, “Shaant amit ji shaant”, and another netizen mentioned, “Here amitji u need to look at Kriti n relax as u say “wow”.” To watch the video, click here.

When Amitabh Bachchan replied to those trollers who brutally age-shammed him

On the 15th of May, 2022, on his official Facebook account, Mr. Abhishek Bachchan posted a picture of himself saying, “Good morning to all my fans and friends,” at approximately 11:30 in the morning. But soon, a section of the netizens started making fun of him. One of them wrote, “Don’t you think you wished good morning too soon?” To which, Amitabh Bachchan being his cool self, gave a savage reply and said to the trollers and explained the reason behind his delayed morning greeting. He mentioned” “Grateful for the taunt. Was working the whole night and woke up late so sent wishes. I am sorry if you felt hurt.”

The social media application was populated by a large number of netizens, who continued to engage in harassment. Additionally, a netizen commented on the incident. “Abey Buddhe dopahar ho gaye (Old man, it’s afternoon).” To which, Amitabh gave a heartfelt reply which read, “I pray to god that nobody insults you when you grow old.”