Alia Bhatt Talks About Beau Ranbir Kapoor’s Ex-Girlfriends Deepika Padukone And Katrina Kaif: “We’re Two Individuals Who…”

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are dating each other for quite some time now. As per the reports, the couple is soon going to the tie knot. Before Alia, Ranbir was dating Deepika Padukone and after that, he was in a live-in relationship with Katrina Kaif. The same goes with Alia, who was dating Siddharth Malhotra before Ranbir. Now, Ranbir and Alia, both are very happy with each other’s company and their families are also happy with their growing closeness.

Since last year, there has been many rumors about the couple tying the knot. Even a fake wedding and engagement card had gone viral last year. But Alia had shunned all these as vile rumors. Ranbir, in one of his recent interview has revealed that if there had not been a pandemic situation, the two would have got married already. “It would’ve been sealed had the pandemic not hit our lives. I don’t want to jinx it by saying anything. I want to tick-mark that goal very soon in my life,” he said.

During a conversation with Fimfare, Alia talked about her relationship with Ranbir. She said, “I’m saying this with all genuineness and honesty. It’s beautiful. I’m walking on stars and clouds right now.” She added, “The best part is that we’re two individuals, who are living our own professional lives in its full form right now.”

Talking about Ranbir’s past relationships, Alia had a rather funny reply. She said, “Aur main thodi Kam Hoon? He’s not difficult. He’s a gem.”

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