Adhyayan Suman On Accusing Ex Kangana Ranaut Of Doing Black Magic, Says “Never Created A Hullabaloo” Deets Inside!

Adhyayan Suman explained why he spoke about his tumultuous relationship with Kangana Ranaut back in 2017 and claimed he doesn’t regret it in a recent interview. For those who are unaware, Adhyayan Suman publicly discussed his connection with Kangana Ranaut in 2017 and referred to it as “toxic.” In addition to this, he claimed that the actress had assaulted him physically and mentally and accused her of using black magic. Adhyayan has now said in an interview with News18 Showsha that he has no regrets about discussing his and Kangana’s relationship in public and that he never caused a stir by claiming that things transpired with him. He said this: 

“I don’t regret speaking about my relationship. I spoke about it like any human being would. I spoke about it at a point when people didn’t know about my side of the story. If you recall, there were no press conferences arranged. I never created a hullabaloo saying that things happened with me. It was just once that I spoke out of respect for that person and more importantly, for myself.”

Adhyayan Suman on being judged for telling his side of the story

The actor continued by saying that everyone needed to be aware of both sides of the tale. He continued, “I just wanted to tell people how the relationship affected me and put an end to all the rumors.” Adhyayan shared that there have been numerous judgments and views made about him. “We’ve to understand that every coin has two sides. People knew the other side of it. I wanted to speak up just once and not discuss it any further. When you’re in the public domain, there are so many opinions and judgments passed about you that sometimes it’s important to clear things out.”

Adhyayan Suman reveals he’s not hungry for publicity

Adhyayan, however, responded that he was not publicity-hungry when asked if he was concerned about how criticism and opinions might influence his show business career. He added that Bollywood stars are hired not for their relationships but for their abilities. Adhyayan recalled how many who had criticized him back then eventually returned and offered him their condolences.

“If I was publicity hungry, I would’ve spoken about it back in 2009 when I had the relationship and not in 2017. What difference does it make to my career? You don’t get work because of your affairs but because of your talent. People judged me back then but then they came back and apologised to me after I spoke about my side of the story. I faced backlash but I don’t regret it at all.” 

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