Adah Sharma Shares Shocking Throwback Images And Details From The Sets Of ‘The Kerala Story’

Adah Sharma has been making headlines ever since the release of her controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’. The actress has now revealed the shocking details from the shoot of the film. According to Adah, it was a difficult shoot as she didn’t even have water for 40 hours.

Adah Sharma took to her social media handle and dropped photos in which she looks extremely dehydrated. The actress’s skin is dry and her lips chapped as she starts preparing for the shoot of the film. Adah captioned the shocking images with even more scary details, she mentioned that her lips were chapped as she didn’t have water for 40 hours in a minus 16-degree temperature.


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She further added that the mattress shown in the picture was to practice her fall but they didn’t use it because of which she had bruised knees and elbow. However, she also mentioned that all her hard work was worth it, especially for the last photo she shared. In the pic she had coconut oil applied on her head with safety pins and tight plaits.

Meanwhile, in an interview, Adah disclosed that before the film was released a Muslim girl used to send hate mail to the director. Later, after watching the film the girl’s perspective completely changed. According to reports, the film has tried to allegedly show Muslims in a bad light, but some popular personalities who have watched the film are supporting it wholeheartedly. Adah has repeatedly mentioned that her film is not anti-religion but anti-terrorism. She also requested people to first watch the film and then make their opinion.

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