Actress Sonyaa Ayodhya Defends Rhea Chakraborty, “Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister Was With Him In The Last Week Not Rhea”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death remains a mystery unsolved even now. Most people have been going behind Rhea Chakraborty and pointing her as the culprit in the death case. Now, she was mobbed by the media, has been witch-hunted, and even been abused and whatnot in the meantime. Now, some people are coming forward to support the actress who is totally complying with the CBI and NCB for the investigation.

Speaking to Spotboye, TV actress Sonyaa Ayodhya, who is currently seen in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki stated that people should give Rhea Chakraborty a benefit of doubt. Sonyaa also mentioned that Rhea wasn’t with Sushant during the last week of his life, his sister was. The actress was quoted saying by the portal, “I wonder why she hasn’t been given a benefit of doubt, people don’t want to think or even allow themselves to understand that she wasn’t with Sushant during the last week of his life, his sister was. But nobody wants to talk about that.”

Sonyaa further added, “The court is going to punish her, if she is the real culprit. Have you seen the recent pictures where she was hounded by the media as she arrives at the Narcotics Control Bureau office? Is this the right way to treat someone? And why is the media not following social distancing? Why do people believe anything that’s written on social media? Everyone is behaving like ‘Sherlock’, as if they know better than CBI and the higher authorities. They claim to know what happened to him when they didn’t even know about SSR’s situation.”

The actress also spoke about Sushant’s sister’s deleted eulogy. “In his sister’s deleted eulogy, she mentioned she knew the ‘pain’ he was going through? It’s sad that he was going through pain, but she said she knew about his pain. What was the ‘pain’ she was referring to? Why was the post deleted?,” said Sonyaa

Talking about how everyone is concerned about listening to one side of the story, Sonyaa added, “People are mad at Rhea because she chose to speak up in an interview. Are we not allowed to hear her side of the story? Why was that a problem? They want justice for Sushant but how will it be justice if you are not willing to listen to both the sides of the story?”

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