Abhishek Bachchan Reveals How Aishwarya Rai Reacts On His Romantic Scenes; His Reply Will Make You Laugh

Abhishek Bachchan known for his sassy reply, he is often seen slamming the trollers on social media. Not just on Twitter, he can also be seen giving befitting replies to anyone questioning him in interviews as well. During a recent appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show, Abhihshek Bachchan was asked if Aishwarya Rai reviews his romantic scenes in the films. To this, Abhishek put Kapil Sharma on the spot, asking him if his wife Ginni Chatrath critiqued his flirting technique with guests on the show.

Pointing out that Aishwarya belongs to the same profession, Kapil asked Abhishek, “Wife jo hoti hai achchi critic bhi hoti hai. Kabhi aisa hua hai ki aapka romantic scene dekha kisi film mein aur aapko advise kiya ki aap aur behtar kar sakte the ya aap zyada kar rahe hai. Aisa kabhi bolti hai aapko (Wives are good critics too. Has it ever happened with you that she watched a romantic scene of yours and told you that you could have done better or that you overdid it)?”

Holding back his laughter, Abhishek replied, “Ek baat batao. Aapki wife aapka show dekhti hai? Unhone kabhi aap se yeh kaha hai ki aap Nikita ke saath zyada better flirt kar sakte the (Tell me one thing. Does your wife watch your show? Has she ever told you that you could have flirted with Nikita better)?”

Stumped by the question, Kapil replied, “Aise biwiyaan kabhi nahi bolengi, hai na (Wives will never give such feedback, right)?” Abhishek asked, “Achcha (Is that so)?” He then joked, “Kyunki aap show dikhate nahi ho. Main bhi picture nahi dikhata hoon. Isi wajah se (You don’t make your wife watch your show. I also don’t make mine watch my films, for this reason).”

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