A Journalist Recalls Manoj Bajpayee’s Kind Gesture During Her Pregnancy; Deets Inside

Manoj Bajpayee has a heart of gold and it’s not just us saying this but we have proof. The actor is completely the opposite of what he plays on the screen. He is not ruthless or unkind unlike most of his characters which he has portrayed with utmost brilliancy. Rather, the actor is very down-to-earth and kind in his real life.

Recently, on the birthday of the actor, a journalist narrated her experience of meeting Manoj Bajpayee when she was pregnant. Journalist Ritupurana Chatterjee took to her Twitter account and wrote that in the year 2013, she was heavily pregnant with her son. She added that Manoj was present in Delhi to promote his film and he called her along with other journalists to his suite.

The journalist continued that while taking his interview, all the journalists were sitting on the couch in the drawing-room. But, when it came to her turn the actor offered her to “move inside”. She was confused, but then the actor made the journalist sit on the bed and made her comfortable, he also asked her to keep her feet up.

Ritupurna stated, “he fluffed up two pillows and tucked them behind my back. He himself sat a distance away on a couch. 8 months pregnant, I was on my feet for a long time that day and I have since then never forget that kind gesture. It’s my favourite story to tell of the man.”

The journalist also mentioned in her tweet that the actor of his stature didn’t have to do it but he did. And, that she will never forget this kind gesture of Manoj Bajpayee.

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