5 Bollywood Stars & The Cost Of Their Most Expensive Homes

Having a home of one’s own is everyone’s dream. We work hard and earn some extra buck to save for the dream house but not everyone gets the palatial dream palace that they dream of. But the stars in Bollywood are owners of some of the most luxurious homes. With that thought in mind, let’s have a look at the top Bollywood stars who own the most expensive homes.


1) Salman Khan

The Galaxy Apartment in Mumbai homes one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood, Salman Khan. He own two apartments in the building and lives with his father Salim Khan and mother Salma Khan. His parents live on the first floor while he lives in a 1 BHK flat on the ground floor in Galaxy Apartments which is worth ₹ 16 Crores.


2) Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan owned the house Jalsa where he lives today as his fees for doing the Ramesh Sippy film Satte Pe Satta. He refused the payment so the director gifted him the palatial Jalsa which is worth more than 50 crores.


3) Saif Ali Khan

The 10th Nawab of the Pataudi legacy Saif Ali Khan inherited Pataudi Palace from his ancestors which is situated in Haryana. The palace is worth ₹ 55 crores and it was built in the early 1900s. It is also called the Ibrahim Kothi. From 2005 to 2014 it was Neemrana hotel, in 2014 it was repossessed and renovated by Saif. Reportedly, the palace has 150 rooms including seven dressing rooms, seven bedrooms, seven billiard rooms with large drawing rooms as well as dining rooms.


4) Akshay Kumar

Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Kumar lives in a two stories bungalow in Prime Beach Mumbai. It has been designed by the same designers who worked at Saif Ali Khan’s house, It is said that Kumar bought this particular plot because at an early stage of his career when he didn’t have money for his portfolio, he worked with Jayesh Sheth at the same location for his photoshoot. His bungalow is one of the most expensive homes owned by Bollywood celebs with a total cost of ₹ 80 Crores.


5) Shah Rukh Khan

The king of Bollywood owns the most expensive bungalow worth ₹ 200 Crores which he has named Mannat. He loves his home so much that he once said, “Even if I was broke one day, I would sell everything, but not Mannat.” Mannat ranks 10th in the list of top houses in the world.

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