Writer Apurva Asrani Set Forth His Separation From Partner Siddhant: Deets Inside

The Criminal Justice writer and director, Apurva Asrani is a National Award Winner. The writer shared 14 years of relationship with Siddhant and the couple has been a role model for the LGBTQ community. However, according to his recent Instagram story, the couple has decided to end their relationship on a lighter note. In the letter, the writer reveals that this will evoke some disappointments for the people who figured us as their role models. He further says, I have no regrets and the 14 years of a journey I had with Siddhant is blissful and valuable.

Apurva Asrani

While exchanging the news on Instagram, Apurva Asrani’s message read,” “I inform you with a heavy heart that Siddhant and I have separated. I know we have been seen as role models by many in the LGBTQ community, and this is sure to evoke some disappointments, but I must tell you that every day of these 14 years has been important and valuable and that we have amicably parted ways.

Same-sex couples in India have no references and no role models to seek inspiration from. And we have made mistakes in the way that we have charted our unique path. But we are also the first generation in India to live our love so visibly and courageously. So I write this with no regrets.”


Apurva Asrani

Moreover, the writer Apurva Asrani made an appeal to his followers to respect their privacy and feelings. Also, to leave the speculation to them. His message further read, please don’t tag us in your messages, it is a very difficult time. I want to end by saying that I think there is hope. For Sid, for me, and for every one of us seeking love commitment, and a secure home. Never stop believing.”

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