Why Cowboy or Woman-On-Top Is The Best $ex Position?

Although missionary is the most popular sex position used by people all over the world. However, people experiment with various other positions to add spice and excitement to their sex lives. One of the sex positions that can make your sex life instantly better is the Woman-On-Top position or cowboy position. Unlike majority of other sex positions, in this position, it is the woman who is in control and lets the man lie back and enjoy the utmost pleasure.


Why it works for him

For starters, he doesn’t need to do anything except lie back, let go and enjoy the action. It helps him last longer, since you’re doing all the teasing and setting the pace for sex. Also, his hands are free to pleasure your breasts, caress your back, touch your face or even tease your clitoris during lovemaking. He’s also able to see you better than when he’s on top, and the visual stimulation can add to the zing. Try different woman-on-top techniques: the cowgirl (even the reverse cowgirl!), the pole position, the lap dance, the squat and so on.


Why it works for you

Firstly, it makes you feel like you’re in control of your own sexuality, and an active participant in pleasuring yourself and your partner, which can be a major turn-on for both of you. You’re able to set the tone and pace for lovemaking – Do you want it fast or slow? Do you want circular movements or rapid up and down ones? It gives you full control of initiating sex the way you like it, and it’s easier to reach orgasm. It’s also a huge high for you when your man reaches orgasm, and you’ve caused it while being on top.


What to keep in mind

Make sure you don’t jab your elbow or put your full weight on your partner using your hand, since this will hurt, squash or suffocate him and the pain will outweigh the pleasure! Instead, place your arms on either side of him for leverage, and work with that as much as possible. Also, be gentle – you don’t want to damage any vital organs! Lastly, if you have long hair and it’s all over the place, ask him if he’s okay with it all over his face, and getting into his mouth.

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