When Arshi Khan Told Salman Khan That She Wants To Date Him, “He Said ‘Nahi Tu…”

Arshi Khan was one of the most popular contestants in the Bigg Boss 11 house and became even more popular when she entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger. She was one of the most talked-about contestants in the house the got the show’s ratings up. Her fights with Vikas Gupta got her into a lot of headlines and even landed her in some controversies. She also recently purchased a house of her own and was really thankful to everyone for empowering her to reach this height where she was able to buy a house of her own. Arshi Khan, who will now be seen in her Swayamwar, has now expressed her interest in dating Triple H or Salman.

During a conversation with Times Of India, Arshi Khan said that she has been in a relationship with a businessman before entering Bigg Boss’ house, now she claims that she never missed him in the house. She said, “I was in a relationship with a businessman before entering the Bigg Boss house. I thought I will miss him inside the house, but I didn’t so when I came out, we broke up. Right now, I am single and want to date someone like Triple H (wrestler) or Salman Khan. I have even told this to Salman but he said, ‘ nahi, tu shareef nahi hai’ (laughs).” She is currently single.

Recalling her ugliest fight between her and Devoleena in Bigg Boss 14, she said that the latter did apologize to her on the show after the fight. She said, “Vikas Gupta ke baare mein toh bas do words hain – no comments. I will never talk about him and will never even talk to him. And as far as Devoleena is concerned, unhone mujhse show mein maafi maangi thi par maine unko maaf nahi kiya hai. She didn’t have anything to give to the show so she thought she can throw utensils and food at others and get some screen time, but uske baad kya haal hua hai woh toh sabko pata hi hai.”

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