WHAT? Shahid Kapoor Once Had To File A Complaint Against A Film Star’s Kid For Stalking Him?

Shahid Kapoor today is known as the most versatile actor in the Bollywood industry. The actor began his career as a college-going student role in Ishq Vishq. The movie became an overnight success and people noticed Shahid Kapoor. After the movie, Shahid didn’t look back and went on to star in many big films. His fan following had increased within a few years of his first debut.

However, there was one time when the actor had to file a complaint against his fan. There have been many such instances where fans have gone too far and been weird, making the actors exceedingly uncomfortable. One such incident occurred when Shahid was chased by a female admirer who happened to be the daughter of a prominent Bollywood actor.

Vastavikta Pandit, the late famous actor Raaj Kumar, once made Shahid Kapoor uncomfortable. She met Shahid during Shiamak Davar’s pre-acting dancing courses when they both enrolled together. Vastavikta supposedly fell in love with Shahid around that period. Yet, the actor did not return her sentiments, causing her love to become an obsession over time. As a result, Vastavikta began following Shahid.

Shahid Kapoor filed a police report against Vastavikta in 2012, stating that she trailed him wherever he went. Vastavikta tried to convince him that she was his biggest fan by following him to movie locations, obstructing him when he stepped outside, and sitting on his car’s bonnet. She pushed all the boundaries when she moved into a house next to Shahid. Not only that, but she began introducing herself to everyone in their neighborhood as Shahid’s wife. She fled, however, when Shahid filed a police report against her.

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