What Do You Fear The Most According To Your Zodiac

As humans, we all have some insecurities and fears residing in us. This is the fundamental law of nature that cannot be disregarded. And it is okay to be fearful.  Life brings with it a number of challenges and turning points where one may even fail to recognize his worth but it is these insecurities and fears that drive you ahead to battle against them and live purposefully. Each fright we face has something to teach us. But what do we fear the most in our emotional aspect of life is something we often fail to recognize. Here are our zodiac signs that have helped us figure out our most feared fears.


You Hate Being Ordered

You are your own king and your own slave. You hate being ordered by others and go on with the wind that suits you better. You tend to make your own moves and decisions. They hate being instructed and if someone does, it is like entering the devil’s mouth.


Complete Chaos

A routine life is what they wish for and what they live for! A stable routine to live by is their mantra for a happy existence. A slight change in the order and they get furious. Chaos is something they want themselves to be away from. They require predictability in what they do, not because they are less creative or have a lack of imagination but because change is horrifying for them.



They can’t rest. They need to be working on something creative and interesting that drives them. They hate sitting idle. Curiosity is the quality that always stands at peak in their domain and love going at extremes. Hating boredom they fear not being able to channelize their imaginative dimension.



Cancer, the most protective zodiac of all, fears rejection and being left alone. Abandonment is something they cannot deal with. They nurture their loved ones wholly and get insecure often when fail to receive the same amount of affection back. They expect that the one they care for will always remain by their side no matter what and even a slight drifting apart can make them insecure.


That They Are Unlovable

Leader as they always have been, this sign stands for authenticity and self-expression. But they often tend to doubt themselves and the love people showers on them. They want to be loved for who they really are but are thrown aback by the fact that they do not like themselves sometimes.


That They Are Unworthy

Believe in you and that you are worthy enough to achieve anything. They work hard and do not fight for recognition of their work or need any kind of credit. The thought of being unworthy for something is you need to take out from your head.


Breaking Up With Anyone

The Libras fear losing people and breaking their tie with them. Be it a friend, lover, cousin or other acquaintances, they think that one can reach greater heights and achieve much pleasure in their pursuit of happiness only if they have one by their side. They live in a constant threat of future break up with their bonds and believing that no relationship lasts forever, they lose their hopes.


Constant Surveillance

Scorpions hate being interrupted in their personal matters by any outsider and rather like it to operate it in private. Letting someone else’s presence violate their value and power enrages a Scorpio. So it’s better if one chooses to leave them alone up to their business not interfering forcefully.


Provincial Life

They love to get out and explore! Exposure to exploring is one of the true bliss they have been given. Trying out different cuisines, languages, art, culture, religion etc has always been the steerer of their ship. Adventure is what they look for always. So being locked in, unable to experience the various options is not less than a horror movie to them.


Wasted Potential

This sign is a real hustler and works hard to the end of their potential. They value time more than anyone else and hates being lethargic. Their dreams are important to them more than anything in this world and they fear their potential getting wasted. Not to compromise on their professional front!


Being Excluded

And this doesn’t belong to them only but to every ugly geek out there. They think that everyone deserves to be served right and has a place in this world. Being excluded or excluding anyone is not the thing they take stand for. Everyone is the holder of the right behavior and inclusion.



Yes! The scariest thought of all is the most fearing fear of Pisces. They tend to live in their own world of boundaries, reality versus dreams, fiction versus fact, body versus spirit. And the boundary where they most likely live is one that resides in between life and death.

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