Welcome This Wedding Season With These Top Bridal Looks

Hey! It is the wedding season and many of you would already be thrashing into stores of various kinds to find the perfect outfit that would compliment you as a bride. Yes, after all marriage happens once in a lifetime and we all have high hopes and dreams to make that ‘once in a lifetime’ exceptionally special and memorable. We want it to be perfect just like in our fantasies. But is it possible to look mesmerizing in your bridal attire and beat the scorching sun’s heat at the same time? We know wedding attires are full of heavy embellishments and passionate color shades that are a bit uncomfortable to deal with in summers. But worry not; we have it all for you. These top summer bridal looks will not only allow you to be the bride of your dreams but also keep up with the heat.

Keep it simple yet classy with a Saree

Sarees have always been the traditional wear of our country but it never goes out of trend. Be it a party, wedding or a formal event, saree never fails to grab the attention of audience and goes with every occasion. Though it is the era of lehengas when we talk about wedding ceremonies and traditional events but saree still manages to keep a hold in its position and never gets out of date. A fad that is everlasting and evergreen. So this season of love, go and grab a wonderful kanjivaram saree to match your well defined body in the most spectacular way and appear as an absolute diva on your wedding day! Match it with the right quality of jewellery and you are ready to rock your ‘mandap’.

White is the new Red

Since past days, red has been the signature color of every traditional ceremony. But the new era sees white as the new red. As elegant and soothing the color is will be your attire. A delight to eyes it will be if you choose white to justify your bridal look. Not only the color adds to your beauty but enlightens your complexion too. It establishes a connection between two parties with a lifelong promise to hold each other’s hand.

A little mix of Western in Indian

Every ‘Bride To Be’ has this wish to appear as an absolute belle on her very special day and wants to be the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen. And a fusion of indo-western will perfectly fit to your high hopes. Match your lehenga like gown with traditional Indian jewels and be the boss lady of your own marriage. Choose light summer shades and see yourself grabbing everyone’s attention!

Go all Contrast

Long gone are the days of all red and all pink. Match your complexion with a fusion of different colors and go all contrast. Contrast is the upcoming future of fads and it has always been successful in receiving people’s appreciation. Keep up your chin with that rocking contrast style and suit yourself with a pair of sunglasses keeping low in jewellery. Your bridal look will make everyone go nuts and just admire your charisma in awe.

Let your wings fly with Floral Print

Heavy embellishments in outfits have almost lost its space in the fashion realm as they are too tacky to carry. Replaced by the pretty floral prints, the heavy gems have now gone out of date. Brides have now found themselves a more comforting yet elegant attire to go with. Light and lit at the same time, these outfits help you keep high in your standards and set high bars in terms of beauty. Carry it the way you want and they promise that they’ll only multiply your charm.

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