The election season is on full swing in India and the entire country is eagerly waiting for their next leader to emerge. People has already casted their votes for the person they think is eligible and are now looking forward to 23rd May for the election results. In this election season, social media has played a huge role in swaying voters and creating an impact on the people.

Many people from the Bollywood federation have come forward to express their views on this year’s elections. And one such actor is Vivek Oberoi. The actor was already in news for playing the role of our current prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi in his biopic and has landed in yet another controversy for tweeting a pic that he claimed to be a meme. He shared a meme on his Twitter page that poked fun of his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan.

In no time, the actor started getting trolled massively and even celebrities expressed outrage on social media. Amongst them were Sonam Kapoor, Madhur Bhandarkar, Urmila Matondkar who made their disappointment evident. Next, the National Commission for Women sent a notice to the actor for his derogatory comment involving a woman and a child.

The actor is still not ready to take blame for his actions. He said,  “React a little on things like this, don’t make it political please. This is life. People move on. Not a single obscene comment was there. I am ever ready to say sorry. But tell me what wrong have I done? The story happened and it’s everywhere in media for ages. So it’s nothing like I am claiming something. I just forwarded it. Let woman commission come. I will also clarify.”

Talking further, the actor said, “How  much have people like Sonam Kapoor who criticized me worked for women empowerment? I am working for the empowerment of abused women for ages. Sonam was more busy with her makeover.”