Top Actresses Who Went Through Skin Lightening Surgery And Transformed Themselves.

Fair skin is an obsession that Indians have it in their heart. Even the matrimonial advertisements talk about seeking an “extremely fair looking girl”, while on the other hand Europeans and Americans spend a huge amount of money to get a golden tan. If you are not wanting to go to the the extreme of having surgery to lighten your skin then there are a number of skin lightening creams on the market. Analbleachingexpert has some great information to help you pick the best cream for you.

Our own Bollywood actresses are taking this obsession of fair lighted skin to the next level and went under the treatment to get a two-three shade lighter skin tone. In the event that you don’t trust us, we have gathered a rundown of B-town divas who have experienced the skin lightening treatments (even the ones you didn’t anticipate). Have a look, and you will see proofs that are genuine on our lists.

Kajol- Kajol is known for essaying her roles in films with utmost dedication and flawless acting. A true Bengali beauty who’s complexion complemented her goddess-like beauty. But she decided to get a skin melanin surgery which lowers the concentration of melanin on the skin with the help of chemical compounds. The results are clearly visible and everyone has noticed this change on her. Kajol recently posted a picture on her Instagram account. She is surely looking incredibly beautiful. We simply have one question for her, how do you manage to look increasingly gorgeous as time passes?

Shilpa Shetty Kundra- This diva has always been in limelight for her beauty saloons, healthy lifestyle videos and reality shows even being aloof from the mainstream film she has a huge fan following. As of late, gossip mongers revealed that Shilpa went under the laser to get a lighter skin tone. She denied it casually saying its just a pregnancy glow. Well, none of the women has experienced such afterglow that can change a skin colour permanently or have we?

Bipasha Basu- The ‘Billo Rani’ Bipasha is a true beauty and fitness icon. she is proud of her wheatish complexion. She even one sexiest woman of Asia from 2005-07. But recently we saw her and her skin tone seemed a bit lighter. A source close to her revealed to media that she underwent a skin treatment.

Deepika Padukone- This 5’9” actress, who is now the queen of Bollywood is a dusky beauty that everyone in the country admires. With her powerful performances in films, she has won awards and hearts. But recently it was revealed that she has done a skin lightening treatment but she denied all the rumours.

Sridevi- yesteryear actress late Sridev also was speculated to get a skin lightening surgery, take a look at her old Tamil films, and compare her photos to any of her Bollywood films, you will see a huge difference in her skin.

Rekha- The fair diva Rekha was once a dusky beauty, see her films of the beginning of her career and check her public appearances now, you won’t deny the fact that she has undergone skin treatments.

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