To An Audacious Question Sameera Reddy Hurled At The Reporter: “Did Your Mom Look Hot When She Gave Birth To You?”


Sameera Reddy is an ideal example of being a feminist, the bold actress took down on thte entertainment reporter over a question where she was drawn in comparison to Aishwarya and Kareena’s post pregnancy physique. Her words are justified to the cynical negative comments she has received during her pregnancy.

After delivering her second child in her first interview with Spotboye Sam (Sameera) exclaimed, “There is so much shaming of every kind going out there. Everybody is just out to harm each other even otherwise and sadly not doing anything constructive either. There is a lot of viciousness all around us in every strata and sphere of life. It’s all coming out so starkly. It’s all coming out to exhibit that people have become so spiteful and scheming. It’s shameful. We need to end it ASAP,” which is so true.

Just to make some spicy news reporters become unethical to garner more audience, the fact is the pen holds the power to shape the public opinion and Sameera expressed well with her words-what the society really needs to reflect on. While she was carrying, she was barged with refuting comments, remarks ‘Weight lose karo, doosri heroines ko dekho’ did affect her at a personal level to which she revealed “You know how it is, we are constantly commented upon. The lights are always on us. So yeah, I had developed anxiety issues during my second pregnancy.”

She added, “A time came when I decided that ‘enough is enough. I am going to not bother what anybody says. I am gonna live life fullest and be concerned only about myself and my babies. I did quite a bit of therapy.” Yet again she proves to be a strong woman to idealize to.

The incident where she took a stand for herself is as stated, “A friend of mine coaxed me out in March to give away an award. I told her I am preggers but she was adamant. I went and while I was leaving the event, I was asked: Ma’am, will you return back looking hot like Kareena Kapoor did very soon or will you take time to come back beautiful like Aishwarya did?”

To the question she hurled and said, “I went on to fell him, I respect Ash and Bebo so much, how can you have the cheek of doing this comparison? And then I even told him, where did you come from? Did your mom look hot when she gave birth to you?”

Sam ignored other’s judgmental comments and enjoyed to what her second pregnancy had to offer. In the interview she said, “The daughter born is fair and lovely, as she told us in that interview. Schemers and judgmental people can go and take a walk!”



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