Tips to motherhood life by a career oriented woman : Saumya Tandon

Happiness is when you know you always have the back of the people you are living your life with personally and the people you are working professionally with. That’s how Saumya Tandon has grown up the ladder of becoming the mother of a new born baby and returning back to the sets of one of the highly rated television show, ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’, Saumya, says the crew, cast, and every technical person behind the camera, has been so caring towards her, and responsible for the time, she remained off set, and coming back after delivering a baby is blessing when you are so welcomed so overwhelmingly by everyone.

Finding a family like support at your workplace is way too much better. She had given birth to the little one, on January 14’2019. She got married to Saurabh Devendra earlier, which not many people know about.

In an Interview with, SpotboyE, Saumya, opened the fact that she is not going to comprise in breastfeeding her baby boy, whom she and her husband named, Miraan Tandon Singh, saying, “Yes, he was with me on the sets. I am not going to leave him home. I am a feeding mother. He was on the sets, in my vanity van, for about 5 hours. I sent him back after that. I will continue to get Miraan on the sets as I don’t want to compromise on breastfeeding.”

It had been a tough journey and is still, but, the Tandon family remain such supportive encouraging Saumya for not quitting her career path and as a mother, she also proves herself to be a responsible mother ever since she has hold up the phase of motherhood in her life.

In an interview with, Bombay Times, Saumya remarked, “I had to resume work because I am a career-oriented woman. I wouldn’t have stopped working because I became a mother. But yes, resuming work was only possible because of the unit, the producer I am so comfortable working with. They have created a comfortable environment that I am able to resume shooting so early. I was shooting for two months near my house, so May and June I shot around my house. I was carrying the baby with me for two months, all this was possible because I was shooting with my old-gang and the producers extremely understood.”


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